CNU symbolically slams the door in the faces of budding journalists by deciding to discontinue the journalism minor

“The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called “truth””-Dan Rather

My staff last year working hard to lay out the newspaper!

Christopher Newport University recently went public with the decision that the English department will abandon the journalism minor at the end of next semester. I’ve known that this was a possibility since May, but I feel terrible that it is actually happening. I know of so many students who graduated from CNU and were able to achieve their journalism dreams because of the knowledge they obtained at the university. Now the school will be of no interest to potential students wanting to study journalism. This action is basically slamming the fancy multimillion dollar doors in the faces of any potential future student and essentially saying, “Journalists not welcome here”.

You can read the article explaining the university’s reasoning here at the campus newspaper’s website. Speaking of the campus newspaper, if the students who decide to attend CNU in the future aren’t there with journalistic intentions, who is going to run the student newspaper? All of the communication majors interested in future careers in the PR world? Hmm…sounds like like an ideal situation for the administration. Full disclosure: I was a communication major, so no offense or disrespect to the communication department. Maybe I’m just jealous that many of the communication majors that will end up working at PR type jobs will always make triple that of a journalist. (haha?)

Because of the opportunities I received from journalism at CNU, I was able to attend 3 different journalism conferences

But at the same time, just because I was a communication major didn’t mean that I couldn’t go over to the journalism department and take advantage of their courses. I loved that I had that option to supplement my communication studies and political science degrees with journalism electives! I truly do value the education that I received at Christopher Newport University, but mostly I value the opportunities that it gave me to learn about journalism through my internships and The Captain’s Log. That is why I think it is such a pity that CNU has decided to discontinue the journalism minor and The Captain’s Log internship program.

I was able to complete my Newport News TV, WTKR News Channel 3, and Captain’s Log internships all because of journalism internship courses.  It is so unfortunate and I feel sad other students won’t get to have the same experiences I had.

Speaking of my internships, I wanted to give a shout out to those who took time out of their busy days at my internships at NNTV, WAVY/WVBT, and WTKR News Channel 3 to teach me about the technology, ethics, and realities of the industry. I am deeply indebted to each and everyone of you who taught me the lessons of broadcast journalism that I would have never been able to learn in college because CNU doesn’t offer courses like that.

So because I’m wrapping up my time here in Virginia this week, I designed some thank you cards (featuring Chelsea’s fabulous photography) that I am going to individually write a personal note in and deliver to my 3 internships! I used shutter fly and it was so fun to make these:


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