My new chapter in life!

I started my new job last Tuesday and it’s been a whirl of A LOT of learning. But let me tell ya, every single day I utilize something that someone taught me at one of my internships! Especially my Newport News TV internship because I use a DVC Pro every single day!

Thank goodness John Corriere was so thorough that one day a few years ago that me and Debbie Russell sat at that table scattered with cords, mics, filters, lights, etc. I remember that first beginners lesson to the DVC Pro thinking, wow how am I ever going to remember any of this? Well needless to say, that nearly 2 years later…I remember all of it! That enabled me on my first day to opt out of shadowing a reporter and go out by myself and shoot my first vosotvo at the local zoo.

It’s funny though, at every single shoot I go on, at least one person will look at my with my big ol’ camera bag and tripod, and I must look like I’m struggling because they always say, “Can I help you carry that?” I always shake my head and cheerily say, “Nope! I need to get used to carrying around all of this stuff anyway!” which is very true. I do feel like I am almost used to the weight of it all on my shoulders. Although…when I decided to hike to the middle of a bridge to get some b-roll..I was hiking uphill by the way…that’s when I felt it. I was dragging..and sure enough some guy walking on the sidewalk of the bridge said, “Do you need help with that?” I guess I don’t look all that strong.

But yeah…I can’t believe I get to go into work everyday and shoot, edit, and report. It’s so surreal. I love meeting new people and sure enough everyday I’m out in the community for a story I get to meet new people! I love the southern friendliness that I have experienced around here. The Louisiana sunsets are to die for, so beautiful. I’m so grateful that I get to be living my dream job and have a new adventure of living in a new place.

Though don’t get me wrong, it does get stressful sometimes. But that’s what journalism is…living on deadlines. Which I suppose is why we are all adrenaline junkies because it feels like a panic attack trying to make my time slot everyday.

Anyway, I finally hooked up my computer at my new apartment so I will be able to blog regularly now. Stay tuned!

In the meantime “like” my news facebook page!


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