Fluffy feel good stories can be fun to cover too!

I’ve always looked upon fluffy feel good stories as, “not news.” I guess my perception of news has been, if it’s not hard news then it shouldn’t be on the news. A majority of the stories I’ve covered (which hasn’t been very many yet) have been hard news or public affairs type stories. Well, today I was assigned to go out to the Mississippi River Bridge to cover a breast cancer fundraiser. It was a very fluffy story, but I realized today that fluffy stories can be important too. For instance, the story I did highlighted how a local business teamed up with the community to do an incredibally good thing for a good cause.

I mean the fundraiser raised almost $19,000.00 for the American Cancer Society, for heaven’s sake! So I drove about an hour and fifteen to get there and met some incredible people and got to film the bras the covered the entire span of the bridge. I have to admit when I walked to the middle of the bridge and realized just how many bras there were…I was in awe. I felt inspired that this many people rallied together for this cause. There were 15 THOUSAND bras covering that distance from Mississippi to Louisiana. Wow, just wow.

What’s funny though at this event, EVERYBODY kept asking if they could help carry my camera and tripod. They gave me looks of pity when they said, “They sent you here all by yourself?” haha I just proudly answered, “Yup, I’m a one man show!” But really, people? I can handle it! I’ve gotten used to the weight of the camera and don’t need people grabbing my tripod trying to carry it for me. Though, I know they are doing this to be kind, but I can handle it! If I was a man they wouldn’t doubt my ability to one man band so much.

Okay, off my soap box.

So I had so much fun editing that package together, I had one of those moments at the edit bay where I turned to the show editor and said, “Don’t you just love editing?” I was being serious but he thought I was being sarcastic. But I do! I love editing! I finished my package an hour early too.

So here is my package and oh yeah I must have gotten so distracted by the event that I forgot to white balance, so that explains the bluish tinge to some of my video. My excuse for myself? I’m still getting used to viewing my shots through a black and white teeny tiny viewfinder. That’s what happens when you are using video cameras from the 1980’s.


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