Being in the journalism time warp

Shooting a preview of a local play

I can’t believe I’ve almost been here for three whole weeks! I almost feel like I’m in a time warp because time passes by so quickly. I’ve had such an amazing experience so far and one of my favorite parts of this job is getting to go out into the community and meet people!

In the past three weeks I’ve covered press conferences, philanthropy events, crime, halloween, veterans day, poisoned pets, a play at the local theater, and inclement weather. It’s been amazing!!!I’m certainly very excited to get in the elections that are coming up.

I love getting to work and not knowing what I’ll be doing each and everyday.

My KNOE picture!

Something I was excited about this week was getting my picture and bio on the KNOE website! I feel like that makes me feel like I actually work there and not just doing another internship! I also got a chance to write my bio so I gave shout outs to Widewater Elementary School’s fifth grade announcements (where I first made my on camera debut) and also BP 13 (where I fell in love with video production) and of course CNU TV, The Captain’s Log, NNTV, WAVY, and WTKR. You can read my full bio here.

One of my recent favorite stories that I got to do was a preview about the local theater that aired on the noon show yesterday. It was so fun to be around theater people again and everybody was so nice!

Here is that video:

Also one of the most bizarre story that I’ve covered so far was about a neighbor that was poisoning her neighbors pets with antifreeze.



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