TV control rooms are the glue in a newscast

Visiting KNOE's control room

One of the highlights of my week was visiting the KNOE control room for the first time! It took me about five weeks, but that is because I was so busy trying to figure out what in the world was going on in the newsroom! I finally feel like I have mastered some of the aspects of my job, such as knowing the DVC Pro inside and out and becoming a Adobe Premiere Pro editing whiz. I am certainly still mastering many other parts of being a reporter, but since I had been finishing my packages 20 minutes early lately, I decided heck, why not watch the show from the control room!

I spent pretty much my entire summer in the WTKR News Channel 3 control room, shadowing and learning different aspects of the jobs there. So I’m not unfamiliar with what goes on in a control room. But it was still neat to see KNOE’s control room to watch the teleprompter, audio operator, graphics person, producer, and director all do their jobs.

Watching the director at work made me realize that once I copy and paste the slug of my package into the rundown, that isn’t the end of the process. It is the director that kind of acts like a conductor in a symphony. He not only directs the talent, floor production people, but also cues the CG person and works with the producer to make sure everything flows smoothly–like the glue that holds everything together.

Weather guy Clay Ostarly helping out

Being on the reporter side of things for a while also gave me new perspective when I was watching from behind the scenes. It gave new gravity to making sure my CG’s in my scripts are where they are supposed to be and how much it can screw things up if I forget to amend my script at the last minute. I also saw the stress it causes when reporters don’t get their packages in before the show starts, yikes! It made me feel for them during my first few weeks when I turned my packages in just seconds before they were supposed to air.

Overall it was such a great experience that I went back the next day to watch from the control room. But that day was so stressful in the control room, that I decided to stick with my day job and stay in the newsroom! Kudos to everyone who works on the production side of any newscast!


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