Meeting a baby kangaroo in an unlikely place

Holding Sydney the kangaroo!

At times you stumble across opportunities in unusual places and I had one of those moments last Saturday. I’ve always thought that kangaroos are adorable creatures and have only ever seen one from afar. So how in the world did I get an opportunity to hold one in the picture above?

Passing out KNOE swag

Every year KNOE sponsors a huge boat, RV, and Gun & Knife show at the Monroe Civic Center, it is a wildly popular event and brings us a lot of publicity and revenue. All of the on air talent had a chance to sit at the information booth and pass out KNOE cups, stress balls, magnets, and bags. It was a really neat experience because we had a chance to meet our viewers and get to the know the community a little bit better.

Clay and Brent manning the KNOE table

I got to sit at the table with Clay the weather guy and Brent one of the sales guys. The sales people are always interesting people to talk to because know exactly how the ratings are doing and can give insights into our different clients. Both Clay and Brent are very entertaining so I felt like I was laughing through out my whole shift.

A safari park in the area had a booth set up with a baby kangaroo! It was adorable, it reminded me of a puppy of sorts. The Safari guy said that she is a loving creature and loves to cuddle.

Sydney the kangaroo!

The baby kangaroo’s name is Sydney and I got to hold her. She was so precious as soon as Clay held up my phone to take a picture, she kept looking down. The Safari guy said that the baby ‘roo loves cheetos so he was waving the cheetos behind Clay’s head, but I guess Sydney wasn’t feeling camera ready. I guess she isn’t used to her new found fame. Maybe she should blame Clay for the exposure. When he did a live shot  to promote the show, he went live holding her in a pouch! It was incredibly cute and it’s hard not to smile when the camera gets a close up of the kangaroo.

Watch Sydney’s big TV moment here:


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