Getting inspiration from Louisiana’s AP awards

With Ty Russell, Michael Tuberville, and Jordyn Taylor at the AP awards.

I was sitting at my edit bay logging sound when I heard yelps of excitement in the other room. The news team was gathered around the assignment desk waiting for our assignment editor to read off the list of AP award winners for 2011.

All of KNOE’s awards

Turned out KNOE won 11 awards including story of the year for our coverage of the convicted councilmen saga. I joined KNOE at the end of last year, so none of my stories were submitted, but I still felt my colleagues excitement as my own. A few weeks later, I was ecstatic to find that I would be able to attend the award ceremony as the photographer to document the journey for our promotions department.

The official KNOE photog for the event!

The award ceremony was on LSU’s campus in Baton Rouge and wow, what a gorgeous area! It was so neat to see nearly all of Louisiana’s main TV stations in one room. On my iPhone I have nearly all Louisiana’s TV station apps downloaded and I recognized many faces from my apps and from Twitter.

Twitter reporter friend from WDSU

I even ran into a twitter friend in the food line that got his start at KTVE and now works at WDSU. It just goes to show what an incredible networking tool Twitter is, even on a professional level. Several people came up to our table and told us they started their career at KNOE, it was inspiring to see that so many accomplished journalists now working in big cities started right where I am sitting today.

Before announcing each award, AP would play small clips of the stories and it gave me an idea of what to work toward to become an award winning journalist. It was an incredible experience and I’m so grateful I had the chance to rub elbows with award winning journalists and attend the awards so early in my career!

Maybe I’ll be sitting at a Baton Rouge or  New Orleans table at that same awards ceremony one day…definitely something to work toward.


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