Makeup vs. Louisiana Heat


I learned an important lesson a few weeks ago. I usually buy MAC makeup, but it can be pricy so I have to save up for the necessities like foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara. So when in between paychecks, I found that I had run out of eyeliner, the only option I had was to go to the drug store and buy $5 eyeliner. When I first applied it, I questioned why I spend four times the amount at the MAC counter for the same end result… Well I was quickly reminded why. Within 10 minutes out on a story in the Louisiana summer heat, my eyeliner began to literally melt off my face. Each time I blinked, my eyeliner would rub and stick to the top of my eyelid. Not attractive. Especially when I didn’t realize until I was in the editing room watching back a stand up I had shot.

The very next pay period, I scrapped my pennies together and went to the MAC counter. The picture above shows the results of using MAC eyeliner. The “after” picture was after I stood on a hot airplane runway for 3 hours in 100 degree weather shooting a story about young pilots. Amazingly, while my non-Mac blush and lipstick wore off my MAC eye products stayed put.

I guess good makeup is a good investment when part of your job is to not look like a hot mess on camera.


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