The revolving door of TV news

I’ve been at KNOE for nearly a year!

The TV news world is literally a revolving door. People just seem to come and go very frequently, especially here at KNOE in market 137. I’ve noticed our viewers take it personally that the station is considered a “training ground” for fresh-faced college students. They take offense when people come and go quickly, I hear it all the time out in the field. Viewers will even take the time to email us with angry rants every time they see a new face replace someone who has moved on. Even as an intern at WAVY TV 10 (market 40), I saw at least 4 people come and go within 60 days. I recall asking one of my mentors, “What is the deal?” and his answer was simple, “It’s the nature of the beast.” But it’s true, as journalists we must constantly learn and grow in our careers. We start at small markets because the pace is slower and there are fewer people to watch our rookie mistakes. Once we feel we’re ready, many of us move on to bigger markets that run at a faster pace and introduce us to new experiences and stories. It’s the way things roll and I’ve heard the longer you’re in the business, the more you’ll see people come and go. Pretty soon, I’ve been told, I’ll know people all across the country at many different affiliates. Which is why this business becomes such a “small world”. Such a notion can be a good thing, if you treat people right or a bad thing if you’re tendency is to treat people poorly and burn bridges.

Posing with former co-workers

I’ve been a reporter at KNOE 8 News a couple of months short of a year now and am nearly the senior reporter (Ty, you get that hat for now). Since I’ve been here I’ve seen the following people leave: anchor of 30 years John Dennison retired, reporter Renee Allen left for KLFY, Patrick Card traded tv for radio at Townsquare Media, meteorologist Kyle Myers headed to Baton Rouge station WVLA, sports anchor/reporter Cameron Cox moved on to WOIA-TV in San Antonio, and reporter Jordyn Taylor left to pursue other interests.

It’s been sad to see people leave, but also fun to meet the new people who come fill their spots! I wonder how long, I will stay? Only time will tell!


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