Moving into the 21st century of camera gear

My new HD camera

High definition video is a beautiful thing, as are color LCD screens on video cameras. I never knew how wonderful HD gear is until I arrived at KNOE. You see, I paid for college by running a full time video production business called Victoria Shirley Productions and as part of my business I invested in HD prosumer cameras. So from the very beginning I had grown accustomed to up to date equipment. Then I got to KNOE and they handed me a dinasour camera from the 90’s, “4 by 3?” I exclaimed. “Black and white view finder? Wait where’s the pull out screen?!” I added in astonishment. Although KNOE had transitioned to HD studio equipment, all field cameras were DVC Pro’s and in standard definition…until now.

black and white view finder in the DVC Pro

But for 10 months, I shot with a DVC Pro and surprisingly I learned to love it. I think ultimately it made me a better shooter. Shooting with the DVC Pro isn’t very user-friendly, you don’t know if you opened the iris too wide or too little, or if you forgot to white balance until you ingested the video and watched it (in real time, might I add). So it makes you pay attention to your settings a lot more intently than if you noticed the mistakes right away in a pull out color LCD display play back screen.

That being said, when I was issued my full HD Sony XD Cam a few weeks ago, I almost cried tears of joy. Finally! I get to use a camera from the 21st century!

New HD camera with color view screen

Not only is it up to date with today’s standards, it is also smaller and lighter than the DVC Pro. Which for a one man bander, makes all the difference in the world. I am able to go home now with out my shoulder or back aching! Hallelujah! The station will make it’s full transition to HD sometime in September, I can’t wait!


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