Being a sports reporter for an hour

It was the Friday of ULM’s big white out game against Baylor, the community was hyped up and we had been covering the preparations for the game for days. One of my best friends at the station was all excited, he did a live shot at noon with the school’s live mascot and purchased a special white out shirt. But only a few hours before the game was to begin, he was told he would have to shoot a football game for the high school football blitz. He was visibly crushed that he would have to miss the big game from the college he attended. I couldn’t help it, I felt bad for him, so it came out like word vomit, as I volunteered to shoot the game for him. The response? Skepticism. I was kind of offended that nobody believed I could shoot a football game, I mean granted I don’t know anything about sports…but hey I shoot video for a living so I had confidence in myself that I could handle it.

After getting approval, I grabbed my camera gear and headed out to Wossman High School to shoot the game. Standing at a football game gave me flashbacks to my high school days working for the high school TV station, BP-13. The underclassmen in our video productions class were delegated the duty of shooting all sports games with our huge cameras that still used VHS tapes. But I summoned my memories of shooting those games and finished the job at WHS. I got the thumbs up from the sports reporter and sports anchor about my work, so guess what? I was a sports reporter for an hour! Woohoo, check that off my bucket list.


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