New leadership brings changes

Evening news team with our news director on the far right.

From what I hear, when it comes to this business, newsroom leadership can be as permanent as the seasons. Someone once told me that a news director in some markets has a shelf life of around two years on average.  In my ONE year of working at KNOE, I have now worked under TWO news directors. That is two different leaders with completely different management styles. It’s been an interesting experience. But between the reigns of those two leaders, was an even more eye-opening experience.

There was about six months of a complete power vacuum in the newsroom, nearly anarchy. The morale of this place was so low and with nobody in charge, it was rough. I’m sure everyone in this business has experienced a similar experience at one point or another.

“Silly” picture

But I’m glad I stuck it out because in September we finally got a news director who immediately started kicking butts and putting the newsroom back together. In just a short few months,  the energy and morale has improved dramatically. It just goes to show how a good leader can change everything for the better. It makes me wonder if I’d want to become a news director one day. It is certainly something to think about.


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