Celebrating holidays with co-workers


Celebrating Halloween with my co-workers

The upside to working with co-workers you like, is celebrating holidays with them! This Halloween, our main anchor Mark Boyle hosted a costume party at his house. It was so funny to see my co-workers who are so professional looking at work, all decked out in crazy costumes. As you can see in the picture, the costumes ranged from everything from a zombie, to jack frost, to a “one night stand”.


My halloween costume!

I dressed up as character Christine Daae out of one of my favorite musicals, Phantom of the Opera. One of my co-workers weather forecaster Clay Ostarly, also likes that musical, so we decided to go to the party as the Phantom and Christine. It was a lot of fun trying to find the costumes. We ended up buying the perfect ones at a little mom and pop shop in Antique Alley in West Monroe. The only thing missing from my costume was curly hair! Oh well!

Posing with our Thanksgiving meals!

Posing with our Thanksgiving meals!

On Thanksgiving day, I was given the responsibility of running the assigment desk. I got to put together a list of things that we needed to cover and assign reporters to the different events. It was fun! Nick Lawton and Lyndsey Price were my fellow reporters working on that holiday, so we decided to all go together to cover a Thanksgiving lunch held at the local university for international students.


Me and Lyndsey with our food!

They invited us to eat, so we did! It was really nice to be able to enjoy a warm meal on Thanksgiving. Many of the restaurants were closed for the holiday, so our lunches probably would have consisted of chex mix out of the vending machine. So being able to sit with my co-workers and enjoy a little meal, felt nice. Even though all of our families were thousands of miles away in other states, we were still able to have Thanksgiving dinner with our KNOE family. Even if it only lasted a few minutes and we had to jump back up and get back to work.

For Christmas, I am actually very fortunate to be able to go home to Virginia this year to spend it with my family. But I’m sure I’ll do plenty of merry celebrating with my KNOE family in the days leading up to Christmas.


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