Reaching my top resolution in 2012

Anchoring on New Years Eve

Anchoring on New Years Eve

Can I tell you a secret? This time last year when I was writing out my resolutions, I wrote that I wanted to sit in the anchor chair and tell the news for a whole show by the end of 2012. I was the newbie reporter in the newsroom at the time, I had only been there but a few months. But I was determined that I wanted to not only grow and learn as a reporter over the course of the next year, but also start honing my skills as an anchor. Today on New Years Eve, I sat in the anchor chair to tells the news for KNOE 8 News at Noon. While it wasn’t the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to anchor, it was still personally symbolic.

Filling in for the weekend anchor

Filling in for the weekend anchor

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy. I’m still at the beginning of my journey as a “every once in a while” fill in anchor, but I still count the position as a milestone. Early this year in January, I emailed our GM (because we didn’t have a news director, our GM was filling dual roles) and told him of my wishes to be a fill in anchor. He summoned me to his office to talk about it. He stated that he wasn’t opposed to the idea but wanted me to practice first, a lot. So I got to it, starting in February I would go into the station on weekends and practice, thanks to the patience of the director and production crew. I’m thanking them for their patience because each time I came in to practice, they would have to stay an extra 10 or 15 minutes to help me record the first block of the show. I would send links of me practicing to the GM and to others for feedback and each time I worked to apply the critiques. I also began the process of learning to produce a show. I sat with our morning anchor April Dovorney as she produced her show and she patiently walked me through the tedious process of piecing a show together.

Ad-libbing with the weather guy

Ad-libbing with the weather guy

Unfortunately around the end of July, my patience and motivation to anchor slowed down. I figured since the opportunity to fill in for someone hadn’t been given to me yet, it would never happen. But in the Fall, something happened that renewed my interest in anchoring. We finally got a news director who was all about new ideas and shaking things up. It wasn’t long after that before I approached him about my ambitions. I told him how my passion and love will always be in reporting, but I wanted to grow more as well-rounded journalist by learning a new skill. He agreed, but wanted me to practice more. For weeks, I would record the “A Block” and he would give me specific instructions as to what to change or do differently. Then finally at the beginning of December, I had my chance. The weekend anchor was going on vacation to Miami, so I finally had my shot. Sitting nervously at the anchor desk I thought to myself, “Don’t sweat it, you’ve done this before anchoring your high school news on BP13.” Then the right light turned on and I was off! It was exhilarating and I am hooked. I love it! Jus t in time for the holidays too, this week I get to anchor the noon show all week while the regulars are on vacation. Just goes to show hard work pays off!

A short clip of me anchoring!

Anchoring 12-7 from Victoria Shirley Productions on Vimeo.


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