Severe weather reporting in interesting outfits

Wearing what some say looked like "hazmat suits"

Wearing what some say looked like “hazmat suits”

Low temperatures combined with heavy rain covered much of Northeast Louisiana in ice this past week. As a reporter, if there is ugly weather I know I’ll probably be spending the entire day out in the elements. Luckily during Hurricane Isaac our general manager invested in high quality and expensive rain suits to keep us dry. Unluckily, the suits were extremely ugly. But really, when you are out getting slapped with rain and struggling to keep your gear from getting wet, the last thing you are thinking about is looking cute.

Suited up for the weather

Suited up for the weather

With ice falling from the sky and frigid temperatures, Lyndsey and I tossed any thoughts of style out of the window and suited up in our rain suits and boots. To top it off, KNOE hasn’t ordered new hats in years, so we are relegated to wearing terribly ugly ones that as one observer said, “it looks like Nascar threw up on your TV logo”. The entire day, Lyndsey and I were the butt of several jokes, but guess what? We were dry and happy!

Feedback about our hats

Feedback about our hats

The reactions to our outfits were pretty funny though. I had an interview with the PIO at the Monroe Police Department and the first thing the detective said was, “What in the world are you wearing?” then when Lyndsey and I dropped by a local eatery to pick up a sandwich the manager quiped, “Look the hazmat team is here!” A woman even commented on our KNOE facebook page and lambasted our hats. In the end, Lyndsey and I were glad we could bring humor into the newsroom and everywhere we went. But hey, we are using the resources the station gave us to face the weather. Stylish or not, the suits and hats get the job done by keeping us dry enough to get our jobs done! The next time it rains/sleets, we will gladly pull out the suits and proudly strut them around town again.


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