Can one man banding ever be dangerous?

A female reporters tool kit, pepper spray and a taser.

A female reporters tool kit, pepper spray and a taser.

Is one man banding dangerous? I would say for the most part, no. But like any situation, it could be. It is the reality of the industry that more and more television reporters are sent out by themselves to cover stories. Why send two, when one journalist can do the same job? I for one enjoy one man banding, I like setting up the shots and piecing together the story.

However, there have been times where I am required to door knock in sketchy neighborhoods trying to get sound from neighbors or family of someone who has been murdered or arrested. As a young, not particularly strong female, there are times where I feel the hair rise on the back of my neck and feel as if I’ve put myself in a situation I shouldn’t be in. As reporters we get sent to neighborhoods and situations that one may never find themselves otherwise. My boss tells us to trust our instinct and when something doesn’t feel right to leave, but you never know if you knock on that one extra door, if you’ll get what you need for that story.

So with that in mind, I bought myself some pepper spray and a taser. Our employee handbook prohibits us from carrying most weapons, but does not list tasers. I hope I never have to use either weapon, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.


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