I’m packing my bags and headed to …. KSLA!

I'm moving to KSLA!

I’m moving to KSLA!

A little while ago, I posted a blog about how TV news is a constant revolving door, well my time has come. After a year and four months at KNOE 8 News, I was offered a job with KSLA News 12 in Shreveport (Market 83). My last day at KNOE 8 News was yesterday and I get to start my new job on Friday.

My going away cookie cake from KNOE!

My going away cookie cake from KNOE!

I’ve come to love the people of Northeast Louisiana and have developed excellent work contacts. On a personal level, many of both my co-workers and competitors have become my best friends in Monroe. I’ve had a great growing experience here at KNOE and have learned so much. If you aren’t in the business, you may be wondering why I’m leaving then. It’s just time and … well …  I have student loans that need to be paid off. Everybody in J-School and/or interns are told that at your first job, you will be making barely enough money to live …. and they aren’t lying. If all you have to worry about are the basic necessities of living, that’s fine, but as in my case, I paid for school entirely with student loans and I’ve got a lot debt. South Carolina’s WIS News director Rashida Jones hits the nail on the head in her blog post titled, “Will TV News Make You Rich? … Not yet.”

But it isn’t just about the money, working in a bigger city is also a promotion. Stations in bigger cities tend to have more resources in terms of equipment and a bigger team to work with. Moving to a medium market also means getting to work with a mix of people who have been in the business for a long time and also people who have only been there for a few years. At KNOE (as is true with many small market stations), the average new person is fresh out of college and many of the older people (with a couple of exceptions) haven’t worked anywhere else. As a result, the pool of people to learn and grow from was very small. So it will be very refreshing for me to learn from people who have worked at different stations before and bring fresh perspectives.

I’m also estatic about being a part of KSLA’s parent company, Raycom Media. They have stations in so many cities and states which offers a lot of future opportunity! I’m excited for the adventures ahead!


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