The learning curve of a new job

In the Alert Center at KSLA

In the Alert Center at KSLA

I was speaking with one of my mentors  over the Christmas holiday about my hesitations of not feeling ready to move on to my next job. His response? “If you wait until you feel ready, you’ll never get that second job.” I nodded, as he added, “Listen, the city may be bigger and the people will be different, but story telling is always the same.”

That’s certainly true, but what’s not the same? The equipment. That’s where the learning curve comes in.

Editing with Edius

Editing with Edius

I started working at my second market a week ago. I had no idea what a learning curve I’d be facing until I started learning the new systems and equipment that my new station uses. Luckily I’m at a CBS station still, so some things are similar, but not all. Through my internships and past job, I had an opportunity to learn all of the top editing softwares: Final Cut Pro, Avid Newscutter, and Adobe Premiere…but the one system I never learned : Edius. Just my luck, that’s the software my new station uses. The shortcuts are different, the buttons are different, where to mess with key frames are different. It takes a lot of tinkering to get used to a new software. The same goes for cameras, I’ve heard the same mantra, once you’ve used one camera you can pick up any camera and be fine. That’s true to a certain extent, but each model has its quirks.

I’ve found simple things, like shooting video and editing it into a package is taking me much longer than I’m familiar with. Where at my old job it would take me 10-15 minutes to edit a package, working with Edius, it’s taking me nearly 45 minutes. I feel like I’m trying to run underwater. Also simple things like adjusting the iris on my camera or taking the camera off of auto-focus takes a few minutes to find. But that’s what comes along with using new equipment!

Another huge challenge is becoming familiar with the area. It takes a while to acquire sources, learn the different parishes/towns, and  know the exact people to call for any given story.

But, the definition of a Learning Curve is a graphical representation of the increase of learning with experience, which in layman’s terms means the more you do it, the easier it gets. I’m determined to get over this learning curve as quickly as possible. Wish me luck!


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