Dating a co-worker in the news business


Anchoring the noon show at KNOE, with Clay on weather

Working at the same station again!

Working at the same station again!

Throughout my career, I’ve heard over and over its hard for two people in the news industry to stay together and keep their careers. There is so much moving around in this field,  sometimes it’s hard for two people to continually find jobs in the same markets.  I met my boyfriend Clay Ostarly in my first market at KNOE two years ago, we immediately started dating and have been together ever since. A lot of people told us that we would probably never work in the same market again, let alone the same station. But they were wrong.

But I believed them at the time, because I’ve seen it happen over and over between news couples who move through different markets and struggle to find jobs together. Some just decide between the two of them to give up their career, other people choose to do long distance. For a majority of this year, I was thinking me and my boyfriend would have to do the latter. I got offered a job in Shreveport, Louisiana as a reporter and he got offered a job in Myrtle Beach as a meteorologist/reporter.  Both were good opportunities and since we want the best for each other,  we braced for a long distance relationship. We decided to just use the next two years to find a way to live in the same city again.

But suddenly, there was a twist. The station that offered him a job, got bought out by a different corporation, so the new morning weekend show he was to work on was put on hold for several months. He hadn’t signed a contract yet, so that news director told him she would understand if he found a different opportunity. That’s when everything changed.

At WJLA in D.C., dreaming up big dreams for our future careers.

At WJLA in D.C., dreaming up big dreams for our future careers.

At that time I had been working at KSLA for only a couple of weeks when my news director asked me if I knew any reporters in Monroe that would want to work in Shreveport. I had already told her about my best friend Lyndsey Price, who had interviewed there, but ultimately turned down the job to take one in her hometown of Bristol, Virginia at WCYB. I couldn’t think of anybody else not under contract that was ready to leave Monroe, reporter wise. So I gave her a little smile and said, “I don’t know any reporters, but I know an excellent weatherman that would love to work here.” She said, “Your boyfriend?” I nodded and she looked thoughtful and said, “Have him send me his links.” That’s when things moved very quickly, within a few days he was hired.

Saturday was Clay’s first day and I got to train him! I am so unbelievably excited to be working at the same station with him again! We get to work at the same station and in the same city for at least the next two years. I feel like I’m dreaming, this worked out so well. Especially since I thought I was going to live thousands of miles from him for a long time.

What’s cute is we aren’t the only couple in the newsroom, there are several. Two people (who have since moved on to other markets) even got married while working at KSLA.

Only time will tell if the same will happen for me and Clay 🙂


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