Achieving my goal of winning an AP award

AP awards last year

AP awards last year

This time last year, I wrote about my trip to Louisiana’s Associated Press award ceremony in my blog post titled, “Getting Inspiration from Louisiana’s AP awards” and made it my goal to win an award in 2013. From that moment on, I pushed myself to improve my work. I read books teaching how to be a better story teller and I watched examples of excellent video work online. Every time I completed a sweeps series I was proud of or even just a single story I was excited about, I would save it on my hard drive and tuck it away in my brain to enter into the AP awards when it was time.  Finally when my former boss asked the newsroom at the beginning of this year to send him a list of our work to be entered, I was already ready. I had five of my pieces picked out and was crossing my fingers they would submit at least one.

But I don’t think any of my individual stories ended up being submitted, because the way the timing worked out, by the time the deadline to submit rolled around, I had already moved on to my new career at KSLA News 12. I accepted that I probably wouldn’t win anything and tried to forget about my goal.

Our AP awards!

Our AP awards!

Then a couple of weeks ago, I was walking to the daily afternoon editorial meeting when Clay whispered to me, “I heard we both won AP awards,” my heart started beating wildly, could I have met my year long goal after all? During the meeting one of our main anchors said, “Congrats to Clay and Victoria for winning AP awards for work they did at KNOE. Keep it up!” Clay had won with the weather team from last summer for creating a 30 minute weather show called “Be prepared, not scared”.  The station had entered in several stories as team coverage about Sharmeka Moffitt, who is accused of setting herself on fire and blaming it on the KKK. I handled the after effects angle of the story, when racial tensions sparked as a result. I also handled all of the follow ups, keeping in contact with the D.A. to find out if she would be charged. In fact, one of the last stories I covered at KNOE was Moffitt getting charged for the self inflicted crime.

Winning with a group of people is still winning right? I’ll take it, which means I achieved my goal! There’s nothing better than the feeling of reaching a goal!

Now my new goal for next year? Win an individual award AND attend the awards to accept it. Alright … ready, set, go, let’s see if I can do it!

Although being in a “Class A” market category now that I’m in a bigger market will much tougher than it is for the “Class B” smaller market category. But if you shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.


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