Staycationing in North Louisiana

Posing in an inflatable art exhibit

Posing in an inflatable art exhibit

Too many food choices!

Too many food choices!

I had a great Wednesday! While the “hump day” is the day everybody working has to get over to get to the end of the week, it happened to be part of my split weekend. I have Wednesday and Saturday off as my “weekend” because of some crazy schedule shuffling to accommodate several people’s vacation days. The upside? I magically got to have the same day off as my boyfriend, which is pretty rare. Instantly I began planning a staycation!

The Red River Revel festival is in town, so we swung by the festival around lunch time. Only problem with that idea? There were too many options! I loved how most of the food was Louisiana themed, but unfortunately I can’t eat most Louisiana food because it has meat in it. I ended up getting a falafel wrap instead, which was absolutely delicious.

1374786_10200529397148680_1980650095_nMy boyfriend ended up getting a Natchitoches meat pie and we split a funnel cake.  We then strolled through all of the art vendors and looked at incredible art. I dream of the day where one day I’ll have enough disposable income that I can purchase beautiful art like that.

Afterward, we headed toward the inflatable art exhibit called “Exxopolis” and it had to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It’s completely inflatable and has large colored rooms. Kids were racing through it squealing with delight.

A sign welcomes you to the top of the mountain

A sign welcomes you to the top of the mountain

Then we hit the road to head toward Arcadia in Bienville Parish, about an hour long drive.  A friend of ours had visited a hidden gem a few weeks ago and told us about it, so we went to check it out. It’s called Mountain Driskill and it is the highest natural summit in all of Louisiana, standing at 536 feet. When we first pulled up, we weren’t sure we were even in the right place. When we pulled off of the road, all we saw was a church and a cemetary, off to the side was a picture that had an arrow pointing forward with the words “Mountain Trail”.

1383724_10200530116366660_1899265649_nWe had a good time walking up the trail, but were caught off guard when we saw giant spider webs strung across the pathway with a large spider sitting in the middle of it. Apparently the trail isn’t traveled often, but luckily my boyfriend had a walking stick and cleared the way for us. It took only .08 miles to get up there, but once I saw the summit sign I got excited! But unfortunately, there wasn’t a scenic outlook or anything so the only way I knew we were so high was because the sign told us we were. There was a log at the top of the mountain in an army box that people sign when they get to the top, we signed it and began our descent.

It was a fun day!


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