Anchoring for the first time at KSLA News 12

Anchoring with Clay

Anchoring with Clay

Last Sunday, I was given the opportunity to anchor the Sunday morning show while the normal anchor was on vacation. Management caught word that I had anchored and produced before at my last station and threw me on the schedule to fill in. It was a very different experience than at KNOE, where in a past blog post I described having to practice over and over before management allowed me to anchor. This time around, I was just given the okay by the bosses and told not to sleep in! So I set my alarm for 2 a.m. to be at work at 3:00 a.m. to prepare for the 8 a.m. show, what a rush! I woke up feeling the adrenaline flowing, not about anchoring, but about producing the 30 minute show, I wasn’t worried about anchoring, because I knew I had done it before. While I did produce at my last station, I knew producing at KSLA would be a whole different ball game: different protocols to follow, different ways to get video, different ways to add lower thirds, make full screens and OTS’s. Despite my anxiousness, I pressed forward and produced the show with only a few oversights that viewers would never be able to pick up on, like a few missing lower thirds. Every time I get an opportunity to produce a show, I’m reminded how much fun it is! I like the feeling of putting the show together like a puzzle and having the freedom to use my news judgement to decide what is worthy to make it in.

My only regret? I didn’t finish producing in time to really do my hair, I kind of had to just throw on lipstick and run down the hall to the studio. It was a good lesson to learn for next time, to either come in an hour earlier or do my hair before I show up. Oh and another regret, I set up the chair too low, so when Clay came to the desk to do a two shot chat, I looked like a midgit and he looked super tall.

The good news was I got to anchor my first show at KSLA with my boyfriend and weekend weatherman Clay, just as was true when I anchored my first show at my last station. How lucky for me, being on air with him puts me at ease and I don’t feel nervous at all. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to fill in, so I can continue to improve on my producing and anchoring skills.

Check it out here:

SUNDAY AM ANCHORING from Victoria Shirley Productions on Vimeo.


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