Exploring the State Fair of Louisiana

State Fair of Louisiana

State Fair of Louisiana

The state fair is in town! What’s even more exciting is admission was free on Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., so Clay and I decided to check it out. I’ve never been to a state fair before, only county fairs, so I was astonished at how large it was. We wandered around at first looking at a few things, then I saw an arch that read, “State Fair Zoo” and I squealed!

State Fair Zoo

State Fair Zoo

The zoo did not disappoint, the first thing we saw was a woman sitting on a large alligator, with a hat over its eyes. “Why are you sitting on the alligator?” asked a little boy to the woman, she smiled and said, “If I wasn’t sitting on it, it would roam free and escape.” I started to feel nervous, “Why is there a hat covering the alligator’s eyes?” the boy asked. “If the hat wasn’t on its eyes, it would see all the people and start thrashing. The hat keeps the alligator from getting stressed out,” she explained. I started to feel really nervous, “Come on, go take a picture with it,” Clay said. “What?!” was my response. I asked him if we could walk away because I was getting nervous. He laughed at me. Guess Louisianans aren’t as scared of giant reptiles as I am. Next, we walked toward a much gentler creature, a giraffe! It only cost $1.00 to buy a pack of carrots.

Feeding a giraffe!

Feeding a giraffe!

I made Clay feed the giraffe first and after I witnessed that he wasn’t eaten alive, I fed it too. Then we walked over to a show that featured horses, camels, and llamas. I clapped my hands like a child the whole time, it was so entertaining! At the end of the show, they announced there was a free tiger show, we heard the words “free” and “tigers” and knew we couldn’t resist. The tiger show was entertaining watching these creatures that are ferocious on the Animal Planet channel, roll around and hop on two legs just for treats.

After experiencing the zoo, we chose to have a little snack. Clay opted for the fried snickers while I went the traditional route and chose nachos. We decided to check out the ferris wheel after, but realized we were 2 dollars short of being able to ride it. We shrugged it off and were on our way out when a ride operator waved us over. He explained since there weren’t many people in the fair, that  we could ride his ride for free. I looked at it and assessed that it was a ride that would just swing back and forth, so we agreed. That decision was probably the worst decision of the whole day. Once we were strapped in, the realization came across that I had no idea what this ride did, I expressed my concern to Clay who agreed. The ride swung peacefully from side to side about twice, then it increased in speed and proceeded to begin spinning wildly at an insane pace. The experience reminded me of being a child on a tire swing and spinning it until you felt like you were going to drop. Well, as an adult spinning in insane circles after eating fried dough and nachos, was tough. The ride seemed to go on too long and when it was over the operator asked if we enjoyed the ride, I immediately said, “no” and he chuckled knowingly. It made me think he knew everybody hates the ride and that is why he offered it to us for free. The walk out of the fair was a combination of trying to get the world to stop spinning and trying not to throw up.

Needless to say, I learned a very important lesson, don’t get on a ride just because it is free.


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