My national anchoring debut (sort of)

My two seconds of fame on the late night talk show circuit

My two seconds of fame on the late night talk show circuit

I made my national anchoring debut last week! Well, sort of, not exactly in a good way. I appeared for a brief 2 seconds on the Conan show. You see he likes to create montages of anchors across the nation, reading from the same script. What results is making everybody in the video look like robots, except for the ones who adlib, they appear funny, but it’s all in good fun.

Well it was Monday of last week, MLK Day, a holiday for our station so we had a skeleton crew. I was night side reporting, I went home to grab a sandwich and I got a call from my producer. She told me that our pregnant main anchor who was solo anchoring that night, was sick. “You’ll have to anchor the news tonight,” she said. Awesome! I’d only ever anchored the noon show at my last station and the Sunday morning show at this station, this would be my prime time debut, even if it happened by accident! It was so exciting, everybody was very supportive. Everyone from production, to the producer, and director made me feel very comfortable and the whole show went very smoothly. The support and encouragement from my facebook fans was incredible.

It was great! Then a few days later, I realized a short snippet from our health block ended up on the Conan show! Of all days they decide to lift something out of our newscast! Haha! When people watch the video, the first thing they think is that the producer was lazy and punches in copy + paste too much. That couldn’t be further from the truth, at my station our producers are some of the hardest working people in the whole newsroom. What people don’t realize is the producer has an 35-6o minute show to fill, the first two or three blocks is all local content. The producer writes and focuses on the local content, when it comes to filling a health block, of course that’s when they turn to the feeds for content.

Our station pays good money to be affiliates of CNN and CBS feeds and we, just like stations across the nation (as you can tell in the video) use the scripts and video that we are paying for. In conclusion, I’m not sure why news stations are criticized for using what we pay for. Sure if the entire newscast was made up of copy and pasted material, yeah I see where they are coming from. But when a producer, like my 10p producer that night, is responsible for more than one show, I think using a health story we paid to use is perfectly okay.

Here is the video from the Conan show, I’m around 1:21.

Here is the full newscast:


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