Chipotle is now in Shreveport!


At Chipotle before the doors opened to the public.

Chipotle has to be my all time favorite restaurant! I was in high school when we got our first Chipotle in Fredericksburg, Virginia, just a few minutes from my hometown. Me and my friends tried it out and loved it! I have so many good memories of me getting together with high school friends after a good long day of shopping. Then I went to college 2 hours away in the Virginia Beach area, at that time, the nearest Chipotle was an hour away in Richmond. Each time my college friends and I would road trip across the state to visit friends at Virginia Tech and Radford University, we’d make sure to stop at Chipotle. It was such a precious novelty!

Then during my junior year in college, the Hampton Roads region, where I went to school began seeing Chipotle burrito chains pop up all over! We even got one in my college city. From then on out, some of my best memories took place at Chipotle, hanging out with my sorority sisters and newspaper friends.

More than just food, the restaurant holds memories

More than just food, the restaurant holds memories

I was disappointed to find that when I moved to Louisiana in 2011, there weren’t any Chipotles in the entire state! I was sad, but just made sure to stop by Chipotle at least once each time I visited my parents in Virginia. Then last summer there were whisperings on twitter that Shreveport would get a Chipotle. I freaked out! But then someone from Chipotle quashed the rumors, maybe it was too early to announce at the time. It became official when Chipotle asked city council if they could move into a spot in a highly commercial area of the city. At last! We were to get a Chipotle, it may seem silly, but I was over the moon excited.

The first line ever at the Shreveport Chipotle!

The first line ever at the Shreveport Chipotle!

Then last week, it was announced that Chipotle would open just a few days after my 25th birthday. I tweeted out my excitement and just minutes later got an email from their PR rep in Dallas, inviting me to shoot the grand opening and interview the mayor, who would be first in line. Um, duh, of course I would be there.

It was a special moment for me to be there as the doors opened for the first time in Shreveport. Not just because I like their food, it’s bigger than that, it’s because the restaurant has a certain nostalgia for me. Apparently I’m not the only one, the mayor told me that when people first move here they say, “Why doesn’t the city have a Chipotle and Whole Foods?”

I used to joke, I just needed two things in Shreveport-Bossier that were previously missing and I could stay here forever: Forever 21 (favorite store) and Chipotle! Forever 21 is being built in Pierre Bossier Mall right now. So, check and check!

Though, don’t hold me to it, I’m sure plenty of cities have Forever 21 and Chipotle!

Me thanking the mayor:


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