Not being prepared for an ice storm means looking like the grim reaper on TV

Me in the bottom right hand corner.

Me in the bottom right hand corner.

An icy winter storm swept through our area last week and I won my own personal “dumb reporter award” for attire. I knew there was a possibility it might snow or ice last Tuesday, so I made a conscious effort to make sure I wore pants, had my heavier (ish) type jacket, and gloves to work. Obviously, I haven’t had extensive experience covering winter weather. I really realized this when I stepped outside for my live shot. A mix of freezing rain, ice, sleet and snow was falling out of the sky very quickly.

Almost insantly, my shoes, sock, and feet were soaked and freezing. That’s about when I realized that rain boots would have been a better choice rather than my felt-material booties. My dress pants were soaked and frozen almost as quick as my feet. I felt lucky I had a hood and almost felt proud of that for a second, but then realized my coat was not rain resistant in the least. In probably two minutes of standing outside, I was soaking wet, frozen, numb, and miserable. That’s about when one of our competitors pulled up in their live truck, and out stepped a very seasoned reporter/meteorologist. He had a rain resistant winter jacket, an umbrella, and rubber boots. Instantly, I felt like a rookie reporter.

Because I didn’t have a hat or an umbrella, I had no other choice but to do my first live shot with my hood up. I was told afterwards, I looked like the grim reaper.

Another rookie reporter note, I hadn’t even thought to keep my car running with the heat blasting. So when my first live hit was over, I had to pry the already frozen door open with my frozen fingers and fumble to put the key in the ignition. I was so cold, numb, frozen, it actually felt painful. While I was sitting in my car defrosting, I vowed to get “reporter ready” winter gear before the next snow storm hit. At least for the next two live shots, the frozen precipitation had let up, so I could take my hood off. Oh and I also remembered to keep my car on with the heat running the next two times. Let’s just say, lesson learned! I’ll be more prepared next time!

Here is video from my last live hit, where I was able to take off my hood:


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