I’ve been in the business for 4 years!


I started this blog 4 years ago as I was waiting to move to my first tv news job. I was so excited about getting in to the business and couldn’t wait to start. There were some veterans in the business who told me it would only take a few years to get jaded and my journalism idealism would fly out the window. I can proudly say after 4 years of being a broadcast journalist, I am not jaded and still as enthusiastic as ever about making a difference in my community through journalism. Though with that being said, I had my low moments, especially when I found myself covering stories I felt didn’t matter. But I’ve found with the right leadership, I am able to cover stories that inspire me. I got into this business to hold those in power accountable and watch where public dollars are going. I strongly believe the best function journalism serves is being the fourth estate. With that being said, I’ve been doing a lot of investigative work lately and I hope to continue doing so and keeping strong on the government beat! It’s been a great 4 years, here is to 4 more!


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