Passing along life experiences

I recently got a really neat invitation from a reporter in Portland, Oregon to participate in a Asian American Journalists Association google hangout session. The topic of the google hangout was “Dating in the News Industry”.

That reporter, Mega Sugianto explained to me she is the Asian American Small Market Broadcast Journalists (AASMBJ) co-chair and once a month they host google hangouts that touch on topics that matter to young journalists. Since February is known for Valentine’s Day, she thought reaching out to a married couple in the industry would be fun, to show case a couple who made dating in the TV industry work.

I loved the idea! I wish I had a google hangout support group back in 2011 when I first got into the business.  My husband Clay was on board too, so we scheduled the hangout for February 5, coincidentally also my 27th birthday.

I’m not sure how many people watched, but it was really fun remembering our experiences about how we first met, got engaged, and married all while working at the same stations in North Louisiana .

The tricky question came when we were asked to give advice about how to get jobs together moving forward. You see, we kind of feel like we got lucky to get jobs at the same station after our first market. We don’t exactly know how to do it again, we are just crossing our fingers lightning will strike a third time and we’ll get lucky again.

Overall it is fun to pass along our life experiences with AAJA! So many news veterans helped me with words of advice during my internships so now I hope I can pay it forward.

On the topic of passing it forward, I got an invitation from a college in East Texas to speak to journalism students about the realities of the news industry after college. I’m so excited to pass on my knowledge to young students so they know what they are getting themselves into!

I’m embedding the video of our google hangout below, in case you are interested in watching (forgive the screen shot, not the best): 




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