The people of Louisiana

Shooting a ribbon cutting ceremony

I just can’t get over how nice perfect strangers are in the south. One of my favorite things about this job is to get to go out into the community everyday and meet new people. I feel like almost every story I go out on, I make new friends!

For instance I was doing a story about how feeling thankful can help your overall mental health and went to interview a therapist. The therapist’s office is on the second floor of an old southern Victorian home and the first floor is a small business that sells cute gifts and clothes. So when I was walking in, Dr. Jabour’s wife Denise came up to me and said, “Oh! Are you here to do a story about small businesses?” I answered no and she laughed and said she knew I was there to interview her husband. I chatted with her for a little bit and made a friend! And guess what? On black Friday I was assigned to do a story about “Small Business Saturday” and guess whose small business popped up in my mind? Denise’s store! So I put in a call and she was more than happy to let me visit her small business and interview her and it worked out great!

I went to the post office the other day and stood in a long line. Which normally would have been annoying, but within seconds both ladies to my right and left were engaging me in a conversation. By the time I got my package, I had made two old lady friends! The southern hospitality just makes me LOVE the south. I may never leave!

Here is the package that I made about Small Business Saturday: