Working with my husband


People ask me all of the time what it is like working with my husband, especially anchoring a show with him. I love it! I think it is amazing that I get to hang out with him at work and at home. It’s neat that we share every aspect of our lives together and truthfully we don’t really know life with each other any other way. That’s because we met on the job at our last station and the three-week gap when we didn’t work with each other while I was here at KSLA and Clay was still at our last station, it was really strange.

Of course people at work love to tease us about being married, anytime someone calls me “Ms. Shirley” they look at Clay and say “Oops! I meant Mrs. Ostarly!”

Our latest “normal” schedule is actually exactly the same Sunday-Thursday, but we’ve been filling in for other people a lot lately. When we have opposite schedules at work, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in ages. But when we do have our normal schedule together, it is really fun to carpool to work and on Sundays, anchor the morning show together.

People have told us we are really lucky to be able to work at the same station and same market together, we do feel very fortunate. We are hoping to continue this trend in the future, hoping lightening will strike a third time. However, if we do end up at different stations in the future, that is something we’ll be okay with too, as long as we are in the same city!

Sunday AM anchoring 03-08-15 from Victoria Shirley Productions on Vimeo.


Looking back: CNU TV’s promotional appearance on Fox 43

         Being interviewed on live tv for the first time!

Okay because I’m moving soon (in 8 days!) I have become a bit nostalgic about my college experience. So I was sifting through my wedding videography blog and came across this post about my first experience on live television on The Hampton Roads Show. This was about 3 months prior to the start of my internship there and while I was still an intern at Newport News TV.

You can certainly tell it was my first experience by all of my “umms” and pauses, but this was before both of my tv news internships after all! I do think it is funny that I plugged myself, I said, “I’m actually editor in chief of the paper next year so you will see a lot of media conversion…” Kinda embarrassing to see myself so boastful on live television.

So in the name of nostalgia here is that clip: